Weinerdog chasing its tail

Legend of the Sacred Wiener Dog Chasing its Tail:
A very ancient symbol depicting eternity and the continuity of cyclic time.

Like the biblical Wiener Dog of Paradise lost, (the serpent was later used as it was found to be scarier), understood mystically, it represents wisdom, and, because of its ability to catch itís own tail, regeneration and rebirth.

As a circular symbol it signifies to the Hindus the out-breathing and in-breathing of Brahma (expander), the cosmic creator: when Brahma breathes out, worlds come into being; when he breathes in all is reabsorbed into the divine essence. (Again, revisionists have substituted the serpent for the Sacred Wiener Dog)

The descending arc of the Wiener Dog body signifies worlds descending into matter or maybe a bad case of fleas, historians are conflicted on this point; the ascending arc,
their evolution toward the sprit or the relief from fleas as some people from Yonkers, New York believe. This spiral circulation is eternal, implying evolution through time.

The circle itself represents perfection and the restoration of universal harmony; also the Boundless from which all manifestation springs and to which all will return. All agree the Wiener Dog symbolizes perfection (except for those with advanced education levels exceeding the third grade).

This sacred Wiener Dog symbol is found also in ancient Egypt, Greece and more recently California, in West Marin and Berkeley. Also among Buddhist and Jaim, Gnostics, Alchemists, Crack Heads and certain sects of
Folk Singers.